How to Get Past the Blue Screen in XP?

Answer Windows XP is a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Although Windows is a fairly stable operating system, it is still susceptible to viruses and software malfunctions. These problems... Read More »

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How to Get Past a Blue Screen?

The blue screen on a Windows operating system is something that many users find themselves afflicted with. The blue screen is usually caused by malware on the system or a faulty hardware driver. Th... Read More »

How to Get Past a Computer's Blue Screen Without the Administrator Password?

The computer's blue screen (in some cases it's a black screen) can prompt you for a BIOS password. While this is a great way to secure your computer against intruders, it may also seem unnecessary ... Read More »

Does anyone have problems with the blue screen virus thing that shuts down your comp and shows a blue screen?

I have had this problem lots of times. When you next start up your computer follow these steps:1. Click 'run' on the start menu2. Type in 'cmd' - this will take you to a command prompt screen.3. Ty... Read More »

Lcd tv no pic no sound just blue screen Was watching movie picture and sound disappeared nothing but blue screen is there a fix for this?

Most of the new TV's display a blue screen when there's no signal for it to lock on.Try unplugging it for about 5-10 minutes and see if that clears up the problem. Why? Because they have microproce... Read More »