How to Get Parents to Stop Saying No?

Answer A lot of times while growing up, you and your parents will rarely come to an agreement on what you want to do. All you have to do is gain their trust. Here is how to do it and they may say "yes" mo... Read More »

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If both parents are the same age and the female is pregnant can her mother stop her from living with him and his parents?

well i am 16 and i had a baby when i was 14.i moved out of my parents house b4 my baby was born and it was the worst thing i have ever done. yes you can move out but i will tell you not to its gonn... Read More »

How to Get Your Parents to Stop Saying No to You?

Sometimes, it feels like all your parents do is say no. No cats, no parties, no allowance, no anything. Would you like to hear a yes? Read on!

Do I have to stop trying to get on with my parents?

AnswerTrying to get it on with your parents can sometimes be very hard as they aren't of your generation and probably aren't open minded so that makes it hard for you, but they are your parents and... Read More »

How to Stop Yourself from Yelling at Your Parents?

Have you ever gotten into an argument with your parents? Everyone has, and you DO NOT want to yell at them, so you can avoid yourself getting into trouble (if you’re not already).