How to Get Pale Skin?

Answer Pale skin creates a vaguely supernatural aura. It can make an appearance look elegant, pretty and seductive. Many countries consider pale skin beautiful. This article will tell you how to get amazi... Read More »

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How to Look Less Pale With Blonde Hair & Pale Skin?

Having blonde hair and light skin is not always a curse. Though you burn more than you tan, there are ways to get color without cooking under the harmful sun. Tanning beds are one way, but you will... Read More »

How to make my skin look really pale like albino pale?

For starters,I know it sounds obvious,but stay out of the sun.Alot of people w/olive skin tan really easily,so wear sunscreen w/a higher SPF every day,even when it's cloudy.They suns rays can still... Read More »

Should we have a pale skin is beautiful campaign to tackle skin cancer?

That's a fantastic idea. Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway would be great spokespersons for staying out of the sun. When they do interviews in magazines, both of them emphasize the importance of sun ... Read More »

Do you prefer tanned skin or pale skin?

Personally I prefer fair complexions, partly due to the tendency of local females to overdo the fake tan to the point of appearing luminous orange...A healthy tan CAN be nice however, but I still p... Read More »