How to Get Pale Lips?

Answer It's easy to make your lips look pale. All you need is foundation, lip balm, and lip gloss (optional).

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How Do You Get Pale Skin And Pink Lips Naturally?

For pale skin, you can use skin lightening cream I personally like pale better than tan but I use 'Porcelana The Skin Discoloration Authority' and it was cheap and moisturizes too. Also, prevent ta... Read More »

Pale Skin And Pink Lips Natuarlly But How#?

Recommend me some easy to find pale face powder/cover up I mean like pale...?

Im a goth with really pale skin. I use Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation. Hope this helped you :)

How to make my skin look really pale like albino pale?

For starters,I know it sounds obvious,but stay out of the sun.Alot of people w/olive skin tan really easily,so wear sunscreen w/a higher SPF every day,even when it's cloudy.They suns rays can still... Read More »