How to Get Over Your Fear of Your Parents Embarrassing You?

Answer Have your parents ever embarrassed you so badly that you feel you can never show your face in public again? Read this and learn how to get over that fear.

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How to Prevent Your Parents/Family from Doing Something Embarrassing?

Think your parents are going to embarrass you in front of people? Here's how to solve, or even prevent, that problem.

Who has the funniest/most embarrassing story about their parents?

English is not my mom's first language, so there are many times she misheard something someone in the house was saying and repeated what she thought she heard. It's usually funny. :)I read in a Co... Read More »

How to Avoid Embarrassing Moments when Watching a Movie With Your Parents?

You're watching a movie with your parents. It's R-rated but hey, it's a horror/crime movie so the rating probably comes from the blood or something, nothing to worry about, right? Then like out of ... Read More »

Parents, share your most embarrassing moment caused by you kids?

Its not really an embarrassing moment, but the other mom did get very offended by it.My daughter was around the age of two, we were walking through the mall's food court when she say a little india... Read More »