How to Get Over Someone Who You Know You Don't Deserve?

Answer It can be hard to get over someone, even if they treated you badly.Sometimes when you are dating, you often run into someone who doesn't treat you right. Here are some steps to get over someone you... Read More »

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Am i that boring that i dont deserve to get any stars?

You are not boring. Don't put yourself down. From your profile it seems to me you do a lot of good work. What I think you don't realise is that you don't need stars to prove your worth. Accept your... Read More »

Who are some Celebrities who dont deserve any fame whatsoever?

miley cyrusparis hiltonStânga➤➤➤➤

How to Get the Pay Raise You Deserve?

Unfortunately most people don't get the salary they deserve. And they probably never will. I know that this doesn't sound too optimistic, but that's the truth.There are a bunch of people who aren't... Read More »

Do you think I deserve an iPod?

Yea, go for it. Ask him nicely and explain that you will keep your grades up (make sure that you do otherwise this could cause future problems). Remind him that you are top of your class and mentio... Read More »