How to Get Over Someone Who You Know You Don't Deserve?

Answer It can be hard to get over someone, even if they treated you badly.Sometimes when you are dating, you often run into someone who doesn't treat you right. Here are some steps to get over someone you... Read More »

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Who are some Celebrities who dont deserve any fame whatsoever?

miley cyrusparis hiltonStânga➤➤➤➤

I am moving out and dont know how to wash my clothes can someone help?

Need to find someone but dont know there whole name?

Then why don't you notify the Police if your that worried?They have better resources finding him than you haveespecially if he is a minor.Ever thought he deleted you because you were always nagging... Read More »

What should you do if someone stole your ipod but you dont know who it was?

if you brought it to school and someone stole it there, try looking in the lost and found. Try remebering about when was the last time you saw your iPod then think what you did after. Somebody coul... Read More »