How to Get Over Gossip?

Answer Alot of girls and boys have to deal with people gossiping about them in school. "Sticks and stones may break my bones" is not true, words can hurt too, this should help you overcome gossip.

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How to Be a Gossip?

"Oh! He said that? No way!"There are some girls who are really on the pulse of everything. They know what celebrities are going out with each other, what's hot in fashion and what's going to be on ... Read More »

How to Not Gossip?

People gossip for many reasons, often due to insecurity. Gossip really bugs anyone who is kind. However, sometimes even kind people can be found gossiping inadvertently in day to day chatter with f... Read More »

How to Gossip?

You know the girls that always happen to know what's going on and what's the next big thing? This could easily be you.

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One Movie, FRIDAY (Also Rush Hour 1 & 2).