How to Get Out of the Military and Go to College?

Answer Leaving the military early is a notoriously difficult thing to do. Military contracts usually stipulate that recruits must serve a set length of time before they can be discharged; however, certain... Read More »

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Can a college professor deny giving a final early to a military reservist because of military training?

You can find the SPD codes at the related link below. Click on SPN CODES in the "Pages" column, near the bottom. When next page opens click on alphabetical codes. That is the ARMY manual on the cod... Read More »

Can you go directly into the military after graduating from a military college?

The Republicans feed the military and Arm the military and Train the military and Fund the military far greater than the democrats do so why would the military THEN be stacked against republicans?

I'm Fed by our Cooks, Armed by my Armorer, Trained by my Non-Commissioned Officers, and Funded by Congress.Nowhere in a chow line, weapons card line, training office, or finance office have I ever ... Read More »

How to Get College Paid for by the Military?

A college education is important to your career success and future income. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average college graduate earns nearly double the wages of a person who only gradu... Read More »