How to Get Out of a Fight With Your Parents?

Answer In a fight with your parents? Here are some steps to resolve this fight of yours. Hope you enjoy!

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What to do with your siblings when your parents fight?

You take them to a different room and tell them whats going on then tell them that you and them are going to have each other's backs and if your parents split up tell them that your just going to h... Read More »

How to Get Money from Your Parents While Being in a Fight With Them?

Have you ever been in a fight with your parents and then realized you needed to borrow money from them? Well, that can be a very tricky situation but this method is sure to help you and your parent... Read More »

How to Make up With Your Parents After a Huge Fight Because You Want Something?

do you want something really bad but ask your parents in a way that starts a huge fight and you think you'll never get it now well. its that simple

How to Help Your Parents Recover from Your Recent Friendship Fight?

Did you fight with one of your really good friends and tell your parents that you hate that person and never want to be friends that person ever again? Well here comes that person again, but this t... Read More »