How to Get Online Medical Advice Using

Answer Are you feeling uneasy about that stomach pain? Have a fear of visiting the doctor? Get some medical help via the Internet.

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Why are people using Yahoo! Answers for medical advice when a doctor is a better source?

I do volunteer work for a local Health Clinic, writing up case files, and we see a lot of people who should have gone to a doctor months, or years before they visit us. It's my observation that a l... Read More »

Medical advice please...?

You can have it xray hon, but there is really not anything they are going to do even if it is could just buddy tape it to the next digit and keep elevating it, use ibuprofen for pain ... Read More »

Would you use the internet for medical advice? are at least two people here who don't get it!!!

Can I get some medical advice please?

You are definitely making the right choice seeing The Endocrinologist. Especially where a thyroid disorder is concerned it's best to rule it out or start treatment for it. I went through 2 years ... Read More »