How to Get On and Off an Escalator?

Answer Getting on and off an escalator is simple for most people. However, some people are scared of riding an escalator because of a previous bad experience, stories they may have heard, warning signs or... Read More »

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How to Take a Stroller on an Escalator?

Although many people are seen managing strollers and even wheelchairs on escalators, it is a high risk endeavor. The risk of injuries, including amputations on escalators is highest for children yo... Read More »

What's a subsequent escalator?

I think he means, don't get on another escalator, or the next one over, that kind of thing.....

Elevator & Escalator Vocational Schools?

Elevator and escalator are a combined training program and is done primarily through apprenticeship programs, either by the state or local union. A state apprenticeship program or local union partn... Read More »

How do I report an escalator accident in Texas?

Gather InformationCollect the name, address and telephone number of the business or individual responsible for maintaining the escalator involved in the accident. Also collect the escalator operato... Read More »