How to Get On With Work?

Answer Work is a very important thing - whether its for your career, school, university, or perhaps just general 'work'. But the important thing is that it needs to get done. It needs to be finished.This ... Read More »

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MY gurl has a dude friend and she work out with him she dont wont to work out with me why is that?

Do apps that work with airplay work with an apple wire tv connection too?

If girls with large breasts work at Hooters, then why don't girls with one leg work at IHOP?

That WOULD be awesome!!!! And the chicks with hard nipples can work at Chili's. And the ones with fake nails and a weave could work at Burger King.

Do CB radios work with regular walkie talkiesOr do CB radios only work with other CBs?

Let us first define the term "walkie talkie". This a common reference to *any* handheld portable radio, regardless of frequency or radio service. There are CB, FRS, GMRS... etc walkies.With that ... Read More »