How to Get Numbers off a BlackBerry?

Answer To get phone numbers off of a BlackBerry, first make sure the numbers are saved in your Contacts on the phone and associated with a name or identifier. To get the numbers onto your computer, synchr... Read More »

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How can I download my phone numbers from my BlackBerry?

Your BlackBerry may contain the phone numbers of all business contacts, but that won't help you if you lose your phone or need to type that information into a spreadsheet. It's possible to transfer... Read More »

How to Delete Address & Phone Numbers From a BlackBerry?

BlackBerry smartphones have a lot of ways you can customize your contacts list. You can add addresses, emails, websites, user account names, birthdays, anniversaries and other information to a cont... Read More »

How do you import telephone numbers from blackberry to iPhone?

You can put a SIM from just about any network in the device and make or receive a call! Otherwise you could go into an Apple care store and ask them to tell you. If you cannot trust a seller that ... Read More »

How do I show phone numbers to friends on a BlackBerry?

Open your address book or go to the Menu if your address book is not visible. Using the keypad, type in the first letters of the name you are looking for. Select the name by clicking on it and show... Read More »