How to Get Noticed by Your Older Brother?

Answer Ever feel left out or looked down on by your older brother? Well, with the help of this article, you may be able to change their opinion on you. Little brothers should stop being ignored, as we can... Read More »

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Which pair of sibling relation is most complicated - 2 brothers or 2 sisters or older brother - little sister or little brother - older sister?

I come from a family of 13..... 7 girls 6 boys same two parents....... I sit at number ten grew up with my two sisters above me 9 and 8 and a set off twin boys 11 and 12 and the youngest lucky numb... Read More »

How to Annoy Your Older Brother?

Tall, mean, vicious. Sound familiar? That's right! Your older brother. Your parents think he's such an angel, but behind there backs he's the devil. And they just won't listen. Well, read this guid... Read More »

How to Get Your Older Brother to Like You?

Your older brother hates you and you might think you hate him, too but following these steps could solve your problems!

How do you make your older brother cry?

Why would you make him cry? He's your brother. Despite that he annoys you and is occasionally playing jokes on you, he still loves you. I know that you may be too young to understand that but you m... Read More »