How to Get Noticed by Your Class in Middle School?

Answer Alll the other articles not helping you? You want to be popular in your class in Middle School? Here's how...

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How to Be Noticed in Middle School?

It's natural to want to stand out of the crowd in middle school.Many people want to stand out without getting a specific reputation or being known for something or many people want the exact opposi... Read More »

How to Get Noticed as the New Kid in Middle School?

Being a new kid means building up the right reputation. Find something you like to do and do it. Don't be embarrassed to be who you are and try to be the best you can be

How to Get Control of Your Middle School Class As a Substitute Teacher?

Teaching children to do one thing is hard enough... but teaching them a lot of things while trying to keep their attention is just insane! Then when you add the fact that they are middle school stu... Read More »

How to Get Into an Elective Class in High School or Middle School With Friends?

An elective class is a non-academic subject in most middle and high schools. Examples include foreign languages, art, technology, computers, vocal music, instrumental music, shop, home economic, ag... Read More »