How to Get Noobs off Your Back in RuneScape?

Answer When you try to have a fun time in Runescape, sometimes a noob will come and follow you for no reason. What should you do? Should you call them a noob? What if he doesn't go away? To know what to d... Read More »

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How to Deter Noobs in RuneScape?

Are you rich, and tired of beggars?Noob's bugging you? These are a few easy steps to keep them at bay.

How to Label Noobs Correctly in RuneScape?

"So many little patience." - Ickbon the eggplant

How to Get Beggars off Your Back in RuneScape?

Noobs begging for 3k from you all day and won't seem to give in? Try this and see if they will stop begging.

How to Pwn in Halo for Noobs?

Rocket-whores, banshee noobs, spawn killers etc get the better of you? Here are a few pointers to help you get back at them and rack up your kill count.This manual will focus on beating players tha... Read More »