How to Get New Lures for Sega Bass Fishing for Wii?

Answer Previously released for the Sega Dreamcast in 1999 and for arcades, Sega unleashed a Nintendo Wii version of "Sega Bass Fishing" in February 2008. "Sega Bass Fishing" features four game-play modes ... Read More »

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How to Unlock Lures in SEGA Bass Fishing for the Wii?

"SEGA Bass Fishing" for the Nintendo Wii is a port of SEGA's arcade game with the same name. The player uses the Wiimote as a fishing pole to snag fish using lures. The ultimate goal is to win all ... Read More »

What lures are used for the Palace in Sega Bass Fishing on the Wii?

In all versions of Sega Bass Fishing, including for the Wii, either the Sonic or the Deep Crank lures work best on the Palace level. Gamers can even try to knock off the armored head.References:Sof... Read More »

In the Sega bass fishing game on Wii where do you go& find your lures?

When playing the Nintendo Wii game "Bass Pro Shop: The Strike," players place their Wii-mote in a fishing rod-shaped controller and use the arrow key and buttons to navigate and select from the gam... Read More »

How to Choose Lures for Bass Fishing?

Going to the fishing store can be overwhelming, as there are millions of lures to choose from, and you can't carry it all out to the lake. This guide will help you to narrow it down.