How to Get N64 Games to Work?

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What PSX games work on PSP?

Classic PlayStation (PSX) and PlayStation Portable (PSP) game compatibility make it possible for gamers to play their favorite classic PlayStation titles on an updated system, the PSP. Some of the... Read More »

Does the PS3 Eye toy work with PS2 games?

The PlayStation Eye is designed for use only on the PlayStation 3 system, and will not work with games on the PlayStation 2. The original EyeToy must still be used for games on the PlayStation 2.Re... Read More »

How do I Get N64 Games to Work on Wii?

The Nintendo Wii, much like other seventh-generation console games, is backward compatible with the games from its predecessor systems.The Wii, though, is backward compatible with a wide range of N... Read More »

How to Get Your Nintendo 64 Games to Work?

Have you ever tried putting in one of your old, Nintendo 64 cartridges in the console, but it wouldn't work?