How to Get My IC Recorder to Play on My PC?

Answer Sony's IC Recorder is a small, lightweight digital voice recorder that features 256 MB of memory, which is equivalent to about 95 hours of recording. The product comes with application software and... Read More »

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How to Play the Recorder?

Did you just buy a recorder and want to learn how to play it? Here's how!

How to Play the Treble Recorder?

There is a vast array of music written for both solo treble (or alto) recorder and for the instrument as part of an ensemble. It forms a key part of the recorder quartet and recorder orchestra, and... Read More »

How to Play the Note C on a Recorder?

You can play the note C in three different octaves on the recorder, each of which has a separate set of fingerings. The first is middle C. (Though now used for note reference on other instruments, ... Read More »

How to Play a Music Recorder?

The music recorder is a simple diatonic instrument that is often the first musical instrument that many people play. It is often used to teach children musical skills and fundamentals at the elemen... Read More »