How to Get Music on Xbox 360?

Answer this article is here to explain how to get music on your 360. Read on...

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Can you put music on an Xbox 360 Pro?

You can put music on an Xbox 360 Pro in three ways: directly via CD or USB/flash drive, by connecting your 360 to your Windows PC via network connection, or by downloading music through Xbox Live a... Read More »

Can you use a wireless music bridge for xbox 360?

You can use a wireless music bridge with XBox 360. To do so, simply use the RCA cable (which should have accompanied your XBox 360 unit) to connect the wireless music bridge to the XBox 360 consol... Read More »

How to Modify Your Xbox 360 Music?

If you ever get bored of silence while navigating through your Xbox dashboard, you can now listen to your own music by adding Music to your background. Now every where you navigate on your Xbox360,... Read More »

How to Add Music to the Hard Drive of an Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360, like some other home gaming consoles, gives users the ability to listen to music CDs on the console. Additionally, you can copy music from the CDs directly to the Xbox 360's hard driv... Read More »