How to Get Most People to Like You?

Answer Have you ever just wanted most poeple to like and admire you? Well if you read on you will be that person in no time!

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What's the most visited link in wikipedia like people,places or things...?

Surely I think that I that Wikipedia has become the most popular in Google's search with your articles, in spite of the fact that this page is not kept alone but for us, but it looks like to me an ... Read More »

Why are beers like Bud Light popular when most people seem to think they suck?

I find your comment faulty and full of biased and misleading information. It is clear that most people like Bud Light and why it is so popular. Why care? Maybe you worked for the company years ago ... Read More »

Why do most schools use Macs and most people use PC's(for desktops and laptops,only)?

I think because most schools are run by administrators spending other people's money and the more they spend, the more they get budgeted the next year. If there was ever a year they spent less than... Read More »

Which Wikipedia article does the most damage to the most people?

This is a tough one to answer. My first thought was the still rather slanted article on "Naked short selling", a highly questionable and quite possibly illegal trading practice that has been impli... Read More »