How to Get More Stars on "Howrse"?

Answer "Howrse" by Owlient engages players in a world of mares, stallions, unicorns and Pegasuses. Players breed and raise horses to create generations with high "BLUP," or best linear unbias prediction. ... Read More »

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How to Use Howrse.Com?

Do you somehow feel a tempt to skip the quests, but inside a voice tells you that you can't? Do you want to become one of the top ranking players one day, but feel like it will take a whole decade ... Read More »

How to Get Your Name Known on Howrse?

Ace of SpadesThere are always names you recognize once you become familiar with a website, especially if you are on it a lot. Read on to learn how to become one of these "site celebrities".

How to Do Well on Howrse?

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How to Get Greenstars on Howrse?

To be a greenstar horse breeder on Howrse takes a lot of time, but it's well worth it. If you would like to be a proud breeder of greenstar horses this is what you have to do.