How to Get More Stars on "Howrse"?

Answer "Howrse" by Owlient engages players in a world of mares, stallions, unicorns and Pegasuses. Players breed and raise horses to create generations with high "BLUP," or best linear unbias prediction. ... Read More »

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Do the pros on dancing with the stars get more money if they win?

Yes the longer they remain in the competition the more money they make

Why are movie stars and singers paid more than soldiers who are actually doing something?

Because the American public loves what it can see. The entertainers make a bigger appearance, ergo, they get all of the money.

Survey : Are you folks in ROCK & POP aware you award more stars and thumbs up (on average) than even P&S does?

im feeling the love here too ;)we need to do more of this in P+S guys,lets give it ago,spread some good stuff.

How to Use Howrse.Com?

Do you somehow feel a tempt to skip the quests, but inside a voice tells you that you can't? Do you want to become one of the top ranking players one day, but feel like it will take a whole decade ... Read More »