How to Get More Power From an Outboard Motor?

Answer Boat owners desire to get every bit of horsepower they can out of their engine. Increased power and speed adds to better overall boat performance, while using the same amount of fuel per mile or ho... Read More »

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What Causes a Spun Hub on an Outboard Motor?

A spun hub on an outboard motor happens when the propeller body becomes detached from the hub, causing the hub to spin futilely without turning the propeller. Because the prop is no longer firmly a... Read More »

Outboard Motor Checklist?

Outboard motors require some specific attention before an outing and even after a return trip from a day on the lake, river or ocean. The outboard motor has a number of systems that need periodic m... Read More »

How to Tune an Outboard Motor?

Proper compression, fuel and spark play the major roles in outboard engine performance. Outboard engines do not get the chance to coast like automobile engines; outboard motors run under load almos... Read More »

How to Fog an Outboard Motor for Winter?

Winterizing your outboard motor is an important step to extend the life of the motor. In colder climates this is especially important. Each outboard motor manufacturer has specific instructions for... Read More »