How to Get More Independence from Your Parents?

Answer A child who has independenceGetting more independence from your parents can be difficult. Some parents may think their child is not ready for that kind of stuff. But the child may in fact be ready.... Read More »

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How to Get More Privileges from Your Parents?

As many kids know, it is very hard to get more privileges from your parents. Here are some ways that will help you to be able to do more things.

How to Get More Independence?

Many arguments teenagers have with their parents are about one thing: independence. As you get older, you'll want to do more stuff on your own, without your mom and dad tagging along with you. The ... Read More »

If you are a college student and on your parents insurance If you withdraw from a class and it puts you at under full time status 12 credit hours for the semester am you still covered on your parents?

Answer Maybe. :) It depends on the insurance policy, actually. It depends also on how old you are, and why the insurance is covering you. Some policies are written to only cover full-time stude... Read More »

How to Maturely Ask Your Parents for More Freedom?

In today's twenty first century, individualism is seen in any relational phase. That's why the young generation demands more freedom from their parents. At an aspect it is correct but if unlimited ... Read More »