How to Get More Facebook Likes?

Answer Facebook LogoA Facebook Fanpage is a great way for businesses to engage in digital marketing.  Creating an engaging Facebook Fanpage can help your business grow and reach new customers.  These ar... Read More »

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Why don't I get a lot of likes in Facebook?

I used to worry about that too until I realized I was focusing on something that really didn't matter and was actually really stupid. So instead of trying to get more likes, I did more things that ... Read More »

How to Tell if a Boy Likes You Through Facebook?

So you're talking to a guy on Facebook, and he's sending mixed signals - how do you know whether or not he's liking you - or liking you more than that? Here's how.

How to Get Likes on Facebook?

Some people get tons of likes on their Facebook pictures! How do they do it? I think I've cracked the code to getting lots of likes on Facebook. Read this article and follow these tips. It may take... Read More »

How do you get more likes on Facebook?

ask your friends to like it and ask them to tell their friends too - anything other than that is considered spamming, so be careful