How to Get More Candy at a Parade?

Answer It's not so much the fire trucks, marching bands, and nifty floats that draw children to a parade; it's often the free candy! Alas, at even the most well-stocked parade there's only so much free ca... Read More »

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What candy bar was introduced in 1930 by candy maker Franklin Mars?

In 1930, Franklin Mars added a chocolate coating to a candy bar made of nougat, peanuts, and caramel, inventing the Snickers bar. It was an instant hit, and sales are still going strong 80 years la... Read More »

Which is correct "A gum coating with candy"or"A gum coated with candy"?

A gum coated with candy. It is right sentence

How to Have a Mii Parade?

Did you know that the Nintendo Wii allows you to showcase your Miis for others to see in the Mii Parade? Here's how!

Who had the first Thanksgiving Day parade?

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was the first parade celebrating the holiday. It was held in 1924 in New York City. Originally it was called the "Christmas Parade" because it was the start of the ho... Read More »