How to Get Money from Your Parents While Being in a Fight With Them?

Answer Have you ever been in a fight with your parents and then realized you needed to borrow money from them? Well, that can be a very tricky situation but this method is sure to help you and your parent... Read More »

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Why does my mom get money each month from the government for me being adopted Why did she get money from them when I was her foster kid?

When you were still a foster child the biological parents are still obligated to pay for your expenses. Many people have many foster children because they want to and because there is a need but th... Read More »

How to Drive While Following or Being Followed by Your Girlfriend's Parents?

The point of this tutorial is to inform the typical male teenage driver of how to bring down his driving testosterone while following or being followed by his girlfriend's parents, especially the g... Read More »

My parents won't let me get an itouch 8 gb with my own money. How can i convince them to let me buy one?

oh lol i just finished saving for my itouch and im getting it tomorrow! lol sorry...if you earned the money for it by doing chores or working, then explain to them that you "worked really hard for ... Read More »

How to Get Out of a Fight With Your Parents?

In a fight with your parents? Here are some steps to resolve this fight of yours. Hope you enjoy!