How to Get Men to Wash Their Hands?

Answer Do you really want to shake a man's unwashed hand? Do you want your food prepared or touched by unclean man hands? Do you want to eat PEE-nuts?

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How to Teach Kids to Wash Their Hands?

It may seem common sense to a grown up or older child but little kids don't know that washing their hands is very important to prevent the spread of germs. Their naïveté doesn't allow them to rea... Read More »

How to Teach Toddlers to Wash Their Hands?

The toddler stage of a child brings many changes that take the child from infancy to schooling age. During toddlerhood, children are verbalizing, communicating, and understanding more about themsel... Read More »

Do white people Always wash their hands?

I don't usually make generalizations either but the two white people at my work place ALSO forget to wash their hands. The entire staff at our school knows it and everyone's disgusted by it. Sinc... Read More »

What percentage of people wash their hands when leaving public restrooms?

In Japan I'd say 90% of men wash their hands. For women its probably higher (just a guess). Kids maybe 50%.Me 100%