How to Get Medical Help When You Draw Unemployment?

Answer It goes without saying that when you are ill or in physical pain, not having the money to pay for relief adds to the suffering. Unemployment puts many at medical risk and while the Consolidated Omn... Read More »

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Can disability insurance help you pay for medical costs while collecting unemployment?

AnswerTo collect unemployment you have to be available for work. So, you would probably NOT be considered disabled to collect under your Disability Policy.For more info check out the State DI and S... Read More »

Can I draw unemployment when laid off& rehired at a lower rate?

You may be able to collect unemployment benefits under what is known as "underemployment," even if you are rehired. Unemployment benefits are based on your current wage. If your benefits have not b... Read More »

Can You Get Taxes Back If You Draw Unemployment?

Different sources of income are taxed at different rates, and this can cause quite a bit of confusion when tax time rolls around. It is sometimes difficult for taxpayers who've become accustomed to... Read More »

Can you collect unemployment because of a medical illness?

Answer No. The only thing you might be able to collect is 'Disability Insurance'. Unemployment Insurance comes into play only when a person has been laid off from active employment - people are no... Read More »