How to Get Map Coordinates?

Answer Getting map coordinates on your computer is simple to do thanks to the number of websites that exist that allow you to click on a map and then automatically receive the coordinates for the location... Read More »

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How to Read UTM Coordinates?

The UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) system is a system of coordinates that describes position on a map. GPS receivers can display locations in UTM coordinates. Most maps, especially those for h... Read More »

What is earth's coordinates?

According to Star Trek, Earth is located in the Alpha Quadrant (50000;74000). This is based off the Cartesian planar coordinate system with the upper left corner (0;0) and the lower right corner (1... Read More »

How to Get GPS Coordinates From a TOPO Map?

For decades topographic maps have been the gold standard in location information for hiking and other outdoor sports. In the past decade, however, hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) units ha... Read More »

How to Find Map Coordinates?

Locations on maps are measured by what are known as map coordinates. The way that you find a map coordinate is by reading the degree measurement of the intersection where the two lines cross over a... Read More »