How to Get Lvl 70 Attack on RuneScape?

Answer A character with good attackHere is how to get level 70 attack. When you are done you can use the Abyssal Whip, Flail and other good stuff, so it's really worth it.

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How to Attack in Runescape?

Here's how to achieve 50 attack in RuneScape.

How to Level up Attack in RuneScape?

Attack level is very important in RuneScape because it affects the type of weapons you are able to wield as well as the chances you have to hit your target. Leveling can, however, be a bit overwhel... Read More »

How to Get from Level 1 to 50 Attack in Runescape?

How to Train the Attack Skill in RuneScape?

Yeah, training Skills. "Pshaw, I have better things to do." Who are you kidding?! Training Skills is by far the BEST way to make money and to get stronger. And my favorite Combat Skill is Attack.