How to Get Lots of Money on Lego Star Wars 2 (Gba)?

Answer Here's a great way to get money on Lego StarWars II for GBA. If you're trying to unlock a character or vehicle, read on!

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How to Get Invincibility on Lego Star Wars 1?

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How to Win LEGO City Star Wars?

LEGO video games are always light-hearted takes on the universes of which they're a part, and LEGO Star Wars is no exception. In this game, after completing most of the mission modes and exploring ... Read More »

How to Create a Character in Lego Star Wars?

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What Lego Star Wars set does ghost Anikan come with?

None of them. As of 2009, Lego has released many incarnations of Anakin Skywalker representing his role in the Prequel Trilogy, but the company has not yet released a ghost Anakin Skywalker miniatu... Read More »