How to Get Lots of Friends?

Answer Are you lonely? Do you need help getting people to talk to you? Are you extremely shy? Then you've come to the right place. Here are tips on how to get lots of friends.

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How to Get Lots of Friends on Moshi Monsters?

Many people play and love Moshi Monsters. Moshi Monsters is a free online PC game. Over 30 million people play it.

How to Live Like Rich Sims and Get Lots of Friends?

If you make a new family in the game Sims2 for PS2 and you only get 11,000 or 13,000 Simoleons, then you should read this.

Okay so my friends in a coma i have lots of questions....please answer some?

One of my best friends was in a coma a few years ago due to headtrauma and 10 year old kid I know was in one last year - the procedure was the same for both, so I'll try and answer. First of all - ... Read More »

Can lots and lots of milky discharge when you go pee 2 weeks before your period is due be a sign of pregnancy?

Answerdischarge could be a symptom of an early pregnancy, because of your mucus plug beginning to form. Some of this mucus-like discharge could drain. However; the discharge you are experiencing ma... Read More »