How to Get Loose Curls With Curlers?

Answer Big loose curls might make you think of princesses and high-maintenance hair styling, but using curlers to create the look is not as hard as you might think. Loose curls create a soft, feminine loo... Read More »

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How do I get Taylor Swift's curls without heat or curlers?

There is a tutorial for getting really nice curls by a Youtube makeup guru called MichellePhan. You can try that, there is no heat involved and all you need is some paper bags. The video will expla... Read More »

How to Create Curls From Wet Hair Overnight Without Curlers?

Before nighttime hair curlers were available, women fashioned their wet hair in pin curls to set the style overnight. To form a pin curl, you shape hair in a round shape and pin it against your sca... Read More »

How to Do Loose Curls in Hair?

Loose wavy curls seem effortless, but typically a bit of work can go into creating them. Some women may find the methods used to create relaxed curls difficult, or they may have difficult-to-contro... Read More »

How do I get loose, wavy curls?

ok! well do you have naturally wavy hair? if yes, when you're out the shower, using gel if you have it, 'scrunch' up your hair, by grabbing a section of hair from the bottom up and scrunching it. t... Read More »