How to Get Longer Nails?

Answer Your hands tell the world a story about you. Learning how to get longer nails can tell the world that you are a woman who knows how to take care of herself. Long fingernails are a sign that you are... Read More »

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Does gel nails make your nails longer ?

just leave your nails alone and they will grow mine did =]

How to Get Healthy, Longer Nails?

Fingernails grow an average of 1/8 of an inch each month. Poor diets, improper nail care, splitting, breaking and peeling of the nails can substantially slow down nail growth. Frequent manicures, t... Read More »

How to Make Nails Look Longer?

Some people just have no luck growing out their nails. Maybe they break, or you just can't stop chewing them. Don't worry. There are some things you can do to fake the illusion of length, even when... Read More »

How can I make my nails longer and stronger?

Make sure you're eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, and rub almond oil into your nails. There aren't too many homemade remedies, but doing those steps should help. If you don't hav... Read More »