How to Get Lint Off of a Black Turtleneck Sweater?

Answer Turtleneck sweaters are cozy in the cold, winter months. If you have a black turtleneck sweater, you will likely find lint on it after laundering. Lint can appear when fibers from your clothes shed... Read More »

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How to get lint off of black clothing?

This is such and easy one, I am suprised how many people out there dont know this. All you need to do is take white vinegar and add it to your rinse cycle instead of fabric softer. It will remove a... Read More »

How to get lint off of black pants?

you can do one of two thinqs use tape to take it off or get a brush nd run the brush over your leqqinqs liqhtly but make sure the brush is clean and no hair or anythinq is in it

How to Get Dryer Lint Off a Black Shirt?

If you have ever washed a piece of clothing, you probably have experienced the dilemma of lint. Dryer lint can make new clothing seem old and ratty. This little nuisance is most apparent on dark cl... Read More »

How to Dye a Sweater Black?

A black sweater is a timeless addition to a wardrobe. It can make any winter outfit look classy, and it will match almost anything. If you find yourself in need of a black sweater, don't run out to... Read More »