How to Get Kittens to Calm Down?

Answer Whether your grown cat has just given birth to kittens or you adopted kittens yourself, getting them to calm down may seem overwhelming, especially if the kittens are still very young and getting t... Read More »

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How to Take Care of Kittens?

Adorable kittensIf you were unable to spay your cat in time and she had kittens, make sure they are in a safe place and away from foot traffic areas in the house. Protect the kittens as they are fr... Read More »

How to Find Kittens?

Need to find kittens? It isn't that hard!

Can kittens get rabies?

Any mammal can get the rabies virus. Cats, including young kittens, are highly susceptible to this disease. It is because of this that the American Association of Feline Practitioners recommends ki... Read More »

Flatulence in Kittens?

In general, if your kitten is fouling your house with flatulence, it's probably nothing to be too concerned about, but there are conditions that are more serious, which pet owners should be aware o... Read More »