How to Get Keys out of a Locked PT Cruiser?

Answer It happens to the best of us. You close the doors on your PT Cruiser just in time to notice the keys sitting in the front seat. If you have AAA or other roadside assistance coverage, you can call f... Read More »

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How to Get Your Keys out of a Locked Jeep TJ?

Locking your keys in your Jeep TJ is not a good start to the day, but don't fret. There are inexpensive ways to recover the day. Luckily, most Jeep TJs have a soft top, which allows you to easily g... Read More »

How to Retrieve Keys Locked Inside a Car?

The best way to get into your vehicle if your key is locked inside is to have a spare key somewhere on your person. This is especially important if you're parking your car in a risky area or if the... Read More »

How to Unlock a Car Door When the Keys Are Locked In?

Locking your keys in in the car is something that you will experience once if not many times. Having a locksmith come and pick the car lock for you will cost you a lot of money and time. You can op... Read More »

How do I Break Into My Pontiac Sunbird That I Locked My Keys in?

You've locked your keys into your car and you don't know what to do. Calling a locksmith can be very expensive, especially on the weekends and late at night. You can make the traditional decision a... Read More »