How to Get Key Marks Off of a Car?

Answer Your car's paint job says a lot about the vehicle and how well you take care of it. Over time, however, the car can develop marks and scratches from everyday use, no matter how careful you are. If ... Read More »

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How to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks, Get Rid of Dark Stretch Marks?

Nobody likes the appearance of ugly red and purple stretch marks on their bodies. However; it's sometimes apart of life. Things like pregnancy, weight gain and sudden growth spurts can cause stretc... Read More »

How to Cover Pox Marks?

Having pox marks on your face and body can make you insecure and affect your self-esteem. Chickenpox, for instance, can appear all over your body. The blister-like spots break open and eventually f... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Stetch Marks?

A stretch mark is a scar caused by the fibers of the second layer of dermis tearing, as a result of the skin stretching too quickly. According to Nancy Amanda Redd, author of "Body Drama," excessiv... Read More »

Stretch Marks I'm 14!?

You might have them because you grew too fast. My brother had them on his back because he grew really fast in highschool. You can try caffeene. Yeah they like actually sell caffeene cream now lol