How to Get Iron Out of Blended Cereal?

Answer Read the ingredients in fortified breakfast cereals and you will see that many include added iron. The form of iron used in breakfast cereal can be extracted with a magnet after blending the cereal... Read More »

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How to Extract Iron From Cereal?

Many cereals are fortified with iron to supplement the dietary intake from natural sources. Adding finely powdered iron (reduced iron) or iron compounds is the method usually followed for fortifyin... Read More »

How to Make Surprise Cereal (an Economy Cereal Using Toasted Bread Crumbs)?

Maple syrup sweetens a homemade cereal.Another World War I recipe using humble ingredients to stretch the food budget. Bread crumbs (graham, corn or oatmeal bread crumbs are suggested) are mixed wi... Read More »

Whats the best Cereal to make cereal bars with?

i just made some with cocoa puffs, added peanut butter and pressed whole peanuts into the top,; they were very good

Do you have a Cereal that you once liked when you where younger but now you can't stand that cereal?

Peanut butter Captain Crunch, i craved it like a crack junkie when i was young.. i tried to eat it like 2 weeks ago and the taste literally made me vomit... i had to flee into the bathroom lol