How to Get Involved With the Committee for Children?

Answer The Committee for Children (CFC) is a nonprofit organization started in the 1980s for the purpose of creating a safe world for children. The organization works to prevent bullying, violence and chi... Read More »

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How to Get Children Involved With Science?

Many parents are apprehensive about getting their children involved with science because they think they need to be scientists themselves. Although scientists have gathered a large body of facts, t... Read More »

If you have joint legal custody and the father has primary physical but delegates all care to his parents and is not involved with the children how hard would it be for the mother to get custody?

AnswerThe laws vary from state to state, can you narrow it down just a bit? AnswerThe first issue a judge would address is why the father was awarded primary physical custody in the first place? S... Read More »

How to Encourage Children to be Involved in Sports?

A child's health ranks as one of the foremost concerns for a parent. One way to promote the health of your child is through physical activities like sports. Having your children involved in sports ... Read More »

How to Get Your Children Involved in Extracurricular Activities?

Just a few extracurricular optionsExtracurricular activities go a long way to helping your child become more mature, social, and successful. It is hard to be socially withdrawn if you are involved ... Read More »