How to Get Into the Pre-Vet Program at MU?

Answer If you have a love for animals and a desire to pursue a career as a veterinarian, the University of Missouri, or MU, has a pre-vet program that is a prerequisite to admission into veterinary school... Read More »

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What program incorporates OSHA requirements into the US Army safety program?

If I'm enlisted in the Army Reserve and also in an ROTC Program do I have to drop that program if my Reserve unit is called into active duty?

Typically, cadets don't get mobilized. I guess the army feels that it's more important for you to finish school than to go to war. That doesn't mean it's impossible, I just don't believe I've ever ... Read More »

How Do I Get Into a Top PhD Program?

Getting into a top Ph.D. program can open many doors, professionally and otherwise. According to an aggregate study of degrees and earnings in the U.S., Ph.D.s earn $5,000 a year more than those wi... Read More »

How do i Get into a Couseling program?

Simply have a chat with your GP who will refer you for counselling on the NHS. The bad news is that in some areas the waiting lists are vast and if you can afford it, a private referral will speed ... Read More »