How to Get Into the Cool Group?

Answer Without that knee bandana thing that's a typical prep girlYou have a few friends, and they're pretty nice. They talk about school, and video games, and try to include you. The thing is, you don't w... Read More »

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How to Create a Cool Group?

Wanna find a group of people that you could hang out with and just be yourself...create your own cool group with these tips

Cool Group Speech Topics?

If you're presenting your speech as a group, you can assign certain aspects of your topic to each group member so that everyone will offer different opinions on this topic. You and the group member... Read More »

I need a cool hip hop group name?

How to Fit Into a New Group of Friends?

If you are the average 'in the middle of the ladder' person at school, and you want to maybe get closer to the top, here are some tips and steps to help you get even closer...