How to Get Into a Fighting Stance?

Answer Used in most martial arts and in boxing, the fighting stance is a free motion stance that gives you plenty of ability to move around quickly to strike a target, as well as defend yourself in the pr... Read More »

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How to Assume a Fighting Stance in Taekwondo?

Fighting Stance in TaekwondoBefore performing any techniques in Taekwondo, it is important to know how to get into a fighting stance. A good fighting stance allows you to do better while executing ... Read More »

How to Go Into a Jeet Kune Do Stance?

Jeet Kune Do is Bruce Lee's art of scientific street fighting. This is the on guard stance of this art. This stance is well balanced, does not limit movement in any direction and promotes speed and... Read More »

How does guerrilla fighting differ from combat fighting?

They're both the same. It's just weaker enemy's employ guerrilla TACTICS because they're not strong enough to fight conventionally. Many different examples have been given in the past, so here's a ... Read More »

I got into a fight and 3 girls jumped in i was ok fighting the 3 girls by my self ,had no choice but ..?

Oh wow. What kind of neighborhood do you live in!?