How to Get Into Top Colleges With Low Scores?

Answer If your dream has always included an Ivy League education, but your first attempt at the standardized tests necessary to get an acceptance letter leaves a bit to be desired, there is no need to des... Read More »

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How To Get Into an Audiology Program With Low GRE Scores?

Audiology programs are divided into two different divisions. Becoming a licensed audiologist involves extensive education including an advanced degree, and upon completion you are a professional sk... Read More »

I'm a Junior in high school with very bad grades but high SAT scores. What colleges will take me?

I can empathize. I was also extremely lazy in high school (no ADHD though) and had terrible grades (also 2.7) but pretty high SAT scores and was able to sneak into a top 20 liberal arts college, wa... Read More »

The intelligence test scores of adopted children are least likely to be positively correlated with the scores of their adoptive siblings during what age?

PSAT Scores and Colleges?

High school students applying to college need to prove their worth to prospective colleges. Many colleges require or at least recommend taking the SAT standardized test as part of the application p... Read More »