How to Get Into Racing Motocross?

Answer Motocross nowadays has considerably become one of the famous motorcycle sports.  Since the dawn of time, man has always struggled to find ways to satisfy his adrenalin rush, regardless of age and ... Read More »

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Who invented motocross freestyle racing?

The sport of motocross freestyle racing was invented by the British. The man credited with creating the first trials was motorcycle designer Alfred Angus Scott, after whom the earliest event, the S... Read More »

How to Get Into Motocross?

This article will tell you how to get into motocross, a.k.a. MX. Enjoy!

What does FMF stand for in motocross?

FMF is a company that makes exhaust pipes, apparel and other parts and accessories for Motocross and street dirt bikes. The company also sponsors professional Motocross racers. FMF stands for Flyin... Read More »

How many motocross deaths have there been?

there is no set number that has been recorded, however the ABD news had a story that continued to say that so far there have been 200.