How to Get Into Parties in Sims?

Answer Getting into parties really quickly and easily in the Sims is possible; just read through the simple instructions here.

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How to Invite a Lot of People to "The Sims 2" Parties?

"The Sims 2," released for the PC in 2004, is a game that allows you to control a virtual person throughout her daily life. Anything you can do in the real world is possible in "The Sims 2," includ... Read More »

How to Move Your Sims Into a House in Sims 2?

Moving a sim into a house is one of the first steps in starting their life in the game.

How to Turn Sims Into Witches?

As of May 2011, only "The Sims" and "The Sims 2" titles included an expansion pack that permitted the use of magic. In "The Sims: Makin' Magic" expansion pack, all a Sim needs to become a witch is ... Read More »

Can a IPhone sims card from a 3GS go into a 2G?

Yes but you will not get the benefit of the 3G speed. Any AT&T SIM can be used in any AT&T device, except for the micro-SIM in the iPhone 4.