How to Get Into Music School?

Answer Every music professional -- from the high school teacher in Atlanta to the star Contralto at the Metropolitan Opera -- has a portfolio that includes hours of practice technique development and y... Read More »

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What's the point in having measures in music and how do you know when to put one into music?

It has nothing to do with breathing. Measures divide a score into logical groups that go along with the beat of the music, making it easier to read and to find your place. The time signature tells ... Read More »

How to Remix Rock or Pop Music Into Dance Music Using Audacity?

Wanna turn a pop or rock song into something you can dance to? Here are some steps that can help you.

How did classical music transfer into different genres of music?

Although classical music keeps its own niche among symphony orchestras today, much of it finds its way into different genres of music. Over the years, jazz and rock music have borrowed heavily from... Read More »

How to Sneak a Nintendo 3DS Into School when You Go to School by School Bus?

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