How to Get Internet on a Prepaid iPhone?

Answer Internet is always active on an iPhone you use with a contract AT&T or Verizon account, your only two options for using a device you purchase directly from the carrier and don't re-program afterwar... Read More »

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Can you still use internet for free on iPhone 3GS on prepaid?

If i buy a prepaid card will I be able to get internet on my iphone?

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Can you put an iPhone on prepaid was think of buying a iPhone 3G and i want to know if i could unlock it and put it on prepaid or something like that i live Canada and i have fido?

No, you do not. The only time you would have to is if you are using an internet service like BTOpenzone or The Cloud.Hope I Helped =]

Can I access the internet with cellular if I put a prepaid sim card into an iPhone 5?

You can only use a nano-sim or you would have to cut a micro-sim to fit.