How to Get Hydraulic Fluid Off of a Car's Paint Job?

Answer Hydraulic fluid can make a mess if it gets on your car's paint job. It is oily and leaves a slimy residue on the surface of the car. Hydraulic fluid doesn't cause damage to the car's paint job, but... Read More »

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What is a clear fluid found in cars that can damage paint?

Brake fluid is the clear fluid found in cars that can cause severe damage to paint. However, there are synthetic silicone brake fluids available that don't cause damage to paint as long as they're ... Read More »

Is power steering fluid the same as hydraulic fluid?

Power steering fluid is hydraulic fluid. It allows for the power to be transmitted in the power steering. You will notice a difficulty in turning the steering wheel when your fluid gets low. If thi... Read More »

Hydraulic Fluid Vs. Transmission Fluid?

Hydraulic systems such as a vehicle's brake system, are systems that operate, moves or are affected by a fluid. Depending on the system, the fluid may be water-based or oil-based.

How to Buy Hydraulic Fluid?

A medium used by hydraulic systems to transfer power, different hydraulic fluids are available and most will work with your system without failure, while a randomly chosen one can wear down your sy... Read More »